OpenWIPS-ng is an open source and modular Wireless IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). It is composed of three parts:

  • Sensor(s): "Dumb" devices that capture wireless traffic and sends it to the server for analysis. Also responds to attacks.
  • Server: Aggregates the data from all sensors, analyzes it and responds to attacks. It also logs and alerts in case of an attack.
  • Interface: GUI manages the server and displays information about the threats on your wireless network(s).

Fresh news

Contest - closing soon 25 Jan 12
The logo contest is closing soon. If you want to participate and haven't sent your design yet, it is now time. You have until August 26 (included) to send them.

I'll be reviewing the next day and announce the winner by the end of this month
Bug tracker 14 Mar 12
A bug tracker is now available for the project, using Jira. As well as an RSS feed.
This is much better than email to handle bug reports :).

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